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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Water Bearers

I spent a total of 2 hours last night working on one of my new pieces (although this may not sound like much to most people... trust me it is an exercise in discipline when you have a child and just want to vegetate after he goes to bed!) Since my research on alchemy began I have become increasingly interested in the concept of the Water Bearer. I, of course am a bit bias as I am an Aquarius. But to be truthful I know next to nothing about astrology and have never really thought too much about it until now. I have found that, inadvertently, all of my new pieces revolve around the magic that is associated with water. The newest painting/drawing that I am almost finished with (yay!) is the more literal of the two by far. Thousands of tiny tiny circles make up the dress of a faceless woman who is charged with the care of the Water Bearer. I have resisted the urge to post pictures of these pieces until they are finished. By I will share an image that is extremely interesting in it's simplicity and inspiring me for the next one.

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