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Friday, July 1, 2011

I've been busy busy

Well I have been working away in my studio for months with a show coming up in September in San Francisco this September 3rd at Fivepoints Arthouse. Here are a few sneak peeks at the work:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Been a Long Time

Well things have certainly been crazy in the life of Kel. It has been so long since i have written anything for this blog! Here's the update, got a full time job, Ian turned 2, and I have been working on a lot of crafts. I'm planning on having a craftshow/party this fall to unload some of the stuff that I have been making and to see some friends. Tomorrow yard sale at my place!!!! Can't wait, you should come by...

I will post photoes soon!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My room

So my studio space has sort of gravitated out of our garage and into our spare room of late. It has really good light and has been great for the sewing and drawing projects that I have been working on. Thought I would share some pictures of the things that I have going on right now.

The Work Table

Fabrics I have out right now

Lovely Scraps

The never ending Crocheting Project

Close ups from the new drawing I am working on.

I also have some new items that I just listed on etsy...

Friday, February 26, 2010

I love you forever and ever...

So today for all intensive purposes I will say that I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I know that I configured this blog to showcase my work and other artists that inspire me, but somehow I have started to get into the habit of talking about myself, which is sort of weird...

I am coming to a point where I almost feel like I need a helper, an intern, or an imaginary friend to help me accomplish all of the things that used to be so easy for me to do before I had a child. I have about 5 projects in continuous rotation, but it never seems like I am getting anywhere with them at all. I guess this is from years of always sitting in my studio and working on something until it was finished or until my eyes started hurting. Well, having my son has sort of put the brakes on that. Between Ian, work, cooking for the family, looking for a new job, and artistic projects I feel like a piece of toast with not enough butter to spread across the whole piece. I keep going though.

Last night my son said for the very first time, "I love you mommy". I never understood how much hearing him say that while giving me a hug would lift my spirits so high. It keeps my perspective about things. He is almost 2 now, and some days I feel like a punching bag between the rough-housing, grouchiness, and temper tantrums, but in between he stops and smiles at me and gives me a kiss... that is the sweetest and makes it all worth while really.

I guess the point to this little story is that I am overwhelmed and maybe putting too much pressure on myself to be getting things done. I will be showcasing my work until I am old and my arthritis prevents me from being able to lift pencil to paper, so maybe I should try relaxing every once in a while. I can't really ever relax though, it is not in my nature. So I will be overwhelmed and push myself farther and farther but all the while I keep in mind that I do it for Ian.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just a quick note

Just a quick note before I take off for my 3 day weekend. My website has just been updated with new sections, writings and my newest artwork thanks to my dear friend Manuel. If you have a second please check it out! Happy Valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So much to do, so little time in my days...

So many new developments since my last post a few days ago. I may have found the answers to my business-prayers finally. A very good, old friend of mine has offered to help me with my new business venture. As I am not a business minded individual at all it will be really great to have someone helping me with the logistical things... like selling my new work.

After an evening of wine, food, and brainstorming we decided on the hand sewn/crafted toys with corresponding stories, and hand printed blankets to match. 3 different stories to start with. I have much sewing and pattern making to do this next week, but I am so inspired, enthusiastic, and grateful for someone that sees the potential in my ideas. I can't wait for my new serger to arrive on Friday... it is going to make my life so much easier. YAY!

I'm also planning on joining forces with my friend Emily Sontag. She is an amazing print-maker, sewer, crafter, and mom out in Atlanta, GA. Check out her site... there are some real gems there!

So the creativity is if only I didn't have to work this desk job so I could have the extra 7 hours in my day that I need!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elements - New Work!

Yay! I finally finished a bunch of new work. So here you are. The series is called Elements..more to come.

All work Copyright Kelly Correll Brown 2010