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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010!! Happy New Year All

Well 2009 was a pretty bla year if you ask me, which is why I am starting to get very excited for what 2010 may bring. First off I am working on textiles again. Bought a silk screening kit and I am starting to warm up the 'ol sewing machine. I think that my #1 artistic resolution this year is to make hand-made textiles and continue working on my alchemy-inspired drawings. I am going to be joining forces with one of my oldest friends indeed, Patrick Ahern, in a new Etsy endeavor. We are going to be selling hand-made knits for wear and house, textile and paper goods... so keep an eye out for that.

On the home front... Ian in nearly 19 months old and has hit the terrible two's a bit early so patience is definitely a virtue at this point in time, but he is growing, loves building with blocks, and painting so the fun continues.

Hopefully I will have some new pictures to show you soon. And a reconfiguration of this blog's set up is in order too.

Happy New Year!

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