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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Upcoming House Re-Do!!

Kevin and I have decided that the time has come for us to finally start making our beautiful house more of our own. When we moved in (2 years ago!!) I was 6 months pregnant and not in any state to repaint the walls or take on any sort of decorating responsibilities. I was having a very hard pregnancy at the time and now our house still looks like we just moved our stuff into someone else's space (be it a nice space). So I am trying to wrap my brain around what direction I want to take it. As we have to do this in installments I thought that doing inspirational collages for each room would be the way to go. I happen to be a collector of odd little antiques and books (I can not get enough of books!), dolls, I love rusty tools and the like, so I want to incorporate these into the design of the house. I also have a child so I need to come up with clever ideas of how to organize without it looking like Martha Stewart vomited in my space. We have a lot of antique furniture that is starting to look a little on the shabby side as well as a bunch of Kevin's grandfather's furniture that will need to be redone (currently my living room looks like a gentleman's club with all of the dark wood... help)!

Here is some inspiration for our master bedroom and connecting bath. I'm just looking at color right now and photos that share some of the same aesthetic as myself. I really want at least one slate gray wall, or to incorporate that color in somewhere in the space. I usually do not like posting other people's stuff... but I figure that in this instance it is ok.

**Most of these photos were found on other design blogs that I look at. If one of these photos is yours and you want it removed please let me know.**

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