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Friday, October 2, 2009

It's been a while

So I am a horrible absentee blogger, but here are some developments and some new images of the project that I have been working on.

I have decided to do 7 self portraits a week until the 1st of the year. It is actually kind of cathartic in the sense. So instead of working with someone else as a model, I am working with myself, which I think is actually a lot harder (at least for me). I've never done self portraits before, but so far I am having fun. Here are a couple of line drawings that I did this week.

In keeping with this theme I am also going to be simultaneously working on painting/embroideries of volcanoes. The very first painting that I ever made in preschool was of a volcano, so I think it is a relevant study to undertake.

Life in the house with purple stairs continues to dumbfound and amaze me. I am clearly living in an altered state with the little guy. Oh, they had to cut down our beautiful redwood tree last week. The house is 100 times brighter, but every time I walk out front I get a little sad since it was so beautiful.

Until next time....

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