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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Features of the Week!!

I have decided to reconfigure this blog a bit and give back to those who have inspired me in one way or another. I am hoping to do a weekly feature for your reading pleasure. So, I would like to start off today with a few features of people who have been there for me as an artist.

I am going to take a few minutes to direct you towards ASTARS Women Clothing. This line is designed, owned and operated out of Italy by way of Los Angeles and Ecuador by a good friend of mine, Denise Focil. Denise brings a cool new take on sportswear and might be one of hardest working women in fashion! "ASTARS is a t-shirt brand known for unique details such as: sun fading, inside out airbrushing, mineral & hand spray washes and double softener washes to create the look of a favorite t-shirt that's been worn-in perfectly for 20 years." After having my son I really had to cut back on the vintage black silk-crepe dresses and start going for the more "stylish yet comfortable" look in my everyday wardrobe. As a newly converted t-shirt enthusiast I can tell you that these shirts are great and you do not look like a frump in them.

Denise Focil is also one of the few people on planet earth who is the proud owner of a small collection of my original paintings. She is a true patron of the arts and a designing goddess and for this reason (amongst many others) I salute her and ASTARS clothing! Check them out!

Wipster aka Beccy!
Wipster is an amazing blog out of Jolly 'Ol England by a fellow crafter and vintage treasure hunter Beccy. She sure knows her sewing, amongst many other inspirational things. Tutorials abound on Wipster and you even get updates on her pet chickens as well. Wipster gave me my first blog feature in her Etsy Wednesday section. You should check out her Etsy site Magpie to find amazing little treasures. I am particularly partial to this one...

My Dear Friend Ashley McHugh
Now the next person that I would like to highlight is my good buddy Ashley McHugh. Ashley made these amazing pin-felted birds for my son's first birthday.
I have Ian's room decorated in a forest theme (seen here) and these little birdies were the perfect addition. I met Ashley way back in 2004 when we had painting studios next to each other at CCA. We even became neighbors for a bit, living in the 4-plex that was dubbed "Ghetto Melrose Place." After moving out (because of the imminent arrival of Ian) we have continued to remain good friends and her skills continue to ignite my imagination! Not only is Ashley an amazing crafter, but her paintings will blow your mind people! And on top of all of this...Ashley and her soon-to-be husband, Lane, can brew up some pretty mean beer...this woman can do it all!
Painting of Tommy Bush by Ashley McHugh

James Seevers, Renaissance Man
Last, but certainly not least, we come to James Seevers. James is another Bay Area artist that I have the distinct pleasure of knowing. From the early days of college (when I first met him) to the current projects that James takes on, his passion for art and music knows no boundaries...literally...he knows no boundaries. James is a painter, writer, is a classically trained piano player, writes all the music for Jackal Fleece (which I would like to note that my husband, Kevin, plays drums for), draws, sculpts, blogs Strike of the Synapse, is a carpenter, makes amazingly dangerous Halloween costumes, hikes and bikes, and is what I would call a skateboarding enthusiast.

Read his blog, check out his work at his new site (this is a work in progress I am told) James Seevers...because if you are creating, showing, reading, playing music, need a general contractor to come build you some awesome cabinets, or are skateboarding ANYWHERE in the Bay are bound to meet this mysterious man with a mohawk.

I will now present you with a few works by James Seevers.

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