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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Final EP is Out!

After a year of waiting the final recordings from Red Voice Choir have arrived as a free download from Hungry Eye Records (NY). This was one of my favorite groups to play with over the years and I really miss performing, recording and having practice while acting like a huge dork with them every week. Our final performance (at Gilman Street Collective, Berkeley, CA 2008) was so much fun and I was 6 months pregnant with Ian at the time to. The artwork is one of my drawings with layout by Adam Beck.

You can get the downloadhere
You can watch part of our final performance (with me pregnant as can be)here
(I'm the singer/keyboardist)

Hungry Eye Records also puts out all of the Black Ice albums and you can check them out and/or buy them off of the site as well. (Shameless self promotion)

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